Search Marketing Practitioners, Not Practisers.

Mathematicians, Not Just Marketers.

Transparency, Not Trickery.

Would you prefer to spend your search marketing budget with a digital ad agency that learns on its clients’ money, or with people who already know how to make a massive return from dollars spent online?

Search Republic offers services around search marketing (SEM), search engine optimisation (SEO), website conversion rate optimisation (CRO) and mobile marketing. We have grown out of the capability and success of our parent company, e-commerce business Online Republic. In the 2014 FY the Online Republic group invested over $12 million of its own dollars into SEM and SEO and generated over $180 million in revenue.

Our mission is to help businesses maximise returns on their online marketing investment and, where there is opportunity, compete on a global stage. We do this by applying the methodologies and insights gained over years of competing in the toughest online categories, against world class competitors.

Ultimately all search marketing expenditure must be measured by your ROI – your return on investment for every dollar you spend. Seeking out the best return is what we do best.

We measure sales performance right down to a keyword level on your search campaigns. We look at how innovative thinking can propel your pages up the natural search engine rankings. We find insights in your analytics data and find the leaks in your website where you are losing customers. We A/B test landing pages to turbo-charge website conversion.

Mathematicians push aside emotion and prove ideas with numbers. Our search marketers follow the same approach. We will show you where your best opportunities lie, how you can raise conversion rates, and how you can outsell your competition.

Search marketing can get technical quickly. And that’s why you’ll find many digital agencies prefer to keep their clients naive so they can bluff them with silly jargon and fancy graphs about how many leads they’ve delivered or sales they’ve achieved.

Seeing this common approach is one of the driving reasons why we decided to launch our own search marketing business. We believe in working closely in partnership with clients, getting under the skin of your business, and educating you about the dynamics of search. The best results are achieved when clients have a strong understanding of every aspect of search.

We don’t hide behind platforms or conglomerated results – we show you exactly what is working and what isn’t.

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